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Empire Season Finale Rating Soars, Readies Second Season

Empire Season Finale Rating Soars, Readies Second Season
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Empire Season Finale Rating Soars, Readies Second Season

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17.6 million. That’s the number of people who tuned in to watch the season finale of “Empire,” according to the Nielsen company. Wednesday night witnessed record-breaking numbers during the 2-hour episode, with the first hour viewed by almost 16 million people.

Looking back, the first episode of “Empire” was only watched by more or less 10 million people, according to Associated Press. The amount of supporters didn’t show zero signs of dwindling as each episode brought more and more viewers for the hit Fox drama.

The last time a first season’s finale brought in so many viewers, “Grey’s Anatomy” reigned back in 2005.

The number doesn’t even consider the amount of people who would watch the episode online and via video-on-demand. Fox even predicts that after a month, the finale would’ve been seen by more than 27 million.

“The studios, and the network, and the media have underestimated the intelligence of the American public,” Lee Daniels, co-creator and executive producer of “Empire,” said during an interview with Fox. Daniels attended an event where the finale was shown in front of fans.

Nielsen Social, provider of social TV measurements online, posted the amount of sent tweets regarding “Empire” during the show’s finale.

As expected from a television that has garnered millions of viewers, “Empire” will return for a second season. No specific dates have been announced.

Executive producer Ilene Chaiken has revealed in an interview with E! Online that they still haven’t started planning for the next season.

“Lee Daniels and Danny Strong and I talked very casually about it and we have some ideas, and there were some markers that were thrown down at the end of our first season and our finale last night that clearly we’re going to pick up and run with. But beyond that, we haven’t even begun to break stories for season two.”


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