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Eminem New Album 2016: Drake Diss Track Reportedly Dropping Soon

Eminem New Album 2016: Drake Diss Track Reportedly Dropping Soon
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Eminem New Album 2016: Drake Diss Track Reportedly Dropping Soon

Is Eminem finally dropping a new album soon? Fans have been waiting for the day that the renowned rapper will announce a new album and rumors have it that one is already in the works!

Interestingly, the new album will include a track devoted to dissing another rap god, Drake! Can we have an Eminem – Drake feud soon? Will there be a rap battle between the two geniuses in no time?

Drake can be said to have ruled 2016, at least the first half of it. His “Views from the 6” album positively conquered charts. He’s still unmoved from the top spot of Billboard 200 and everyone seems to want to have a slice of his success.

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There’s Kanye, who recently confirmed a joint album with the rapper. Then there’s Joe Budden, whose latest music was a lengthy diss of Drake called “Making a Murderer Part 1.” Even analysts jumped in to understand line after line of his song to understand the whole hatred going on.

So is Eminem jumping on the bandwagon too? Is he coming up with a diss track and have a slice of Drake’s unwavering 2016 success?

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On “Ebro in the Morning,” the radio personality revealed crtain parts of a private conversation he said he had with Drake and let slip that Eminem might be releasing something soon against Drake, as reported by Hot Hip Hop Wired.

“We talked about Joe Budden, he was laughing, ‘you know I gave him a little look,’ I’ll talk about it more on the show, but Drake was like, ‘that’s why Joe ain’t put out the DMs, he keeps threatening to put out DMs, what I DM’d him. The reason he ain’t put them out is cause I DM’d him, ‘I hope you get well in this tough time,’ aka you out here strung out on dope or something,” Ebro continued, “And then I told Drake I heard the rumor was that Eminem was gunna gear up to come after him. He laughed and was like, ‘that’s not gunna happen. He would never do that. And if he did, I got something for him too.’”

If true, then we should let the rap battle begin!

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