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Emails Can Now Be Legally Ignored In France

Emails Can Now Be Legally Ignored In France
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Emails Can Now Be Legally Ignored In France

  • In France, it’s become legal to ignore work emails after office hours.

Got too many work emails? In France, ignoring them is now legal. This is thanks to a new law that encourages the French to forget about work once they leave the office.

Employees have a ‘right to disconnect.’

It is being called a worker’s “right to disconnect.” This means French people are free to ignore any incoming emails soon as the work day has ended. It allows them to say ‘au revoir’ to work and get on with enjoying the rest of the day.

According to the France’s Ministry of Labor, “These measures are designed to ensure respect for rest periods and … balance between work and family and personal life.”

This new rule applies to all companies that currently have a workforce of 50 or more employees, according to a report from CNN.

These firms would now have to develop and issue new guidelines for out-of-office emails to ensure that their staff would get much needed breaks from the office daily. After all, these last-minute emails can be quite stressful for employees, as one study shows.

Study: Emails after work are bad news for your health and relationships.

According to report released by the Colorado State University last year, after-hours emails are bad for the health. In fact, working adults experience a great deal of “anticipatory stress and expectation” because of them. Researchers Liuba Belkin, William Becker and Samantha Conroy found that it not only leads them to suffer from “burnout,” it also negatively affects their overall emotional state.

Moreover, having to deal with after work emails have also been shown to contribute to diminishing work-family balance. This, in turn, negatively affects, a working adult’s overall well-being and health.

For the French, the new law on emails after work hours had taken in effect last January 1. Meanwhile, several French companies have also decided to shut down email systems overnight. They hope to discourage anyone from checking on work once they’ve logged out.

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