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Elysia Laub: Photo Of Kid, Family Who Finds Abandoned Baby In Backyard

Elysia Laub: Photo Of Kid, Family Who Finds Abandoned Baby In Backyard
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Elysia Laub: Photo Of Kid, Family Who Finds Abandoned Baby In Backyard

Elysia Laub was spending Monday morning in her family’s backyard when she got the surprise of her life. The young girl learned that a newborn baby happened to be right by her family’s pigpen.

“It was weird because I saw this thing, this little pink thing kicking its legs,” she says in the video.

Elysia had no idea what she was seeing at first, so she did exactly what any other child would do: call her mom. Heidi, Elysia’s mother, thought that her daughter had found a “baby dog.” But she said she saw a pair of legs kicking, and she immediately knew it was not an abandoned pet, but a newborn baby left on its own.

“I dropped my phone, took off and scooped the baby up with everything that it was with,” Heidi explained to CBS Chicago’s Brad Edwards. She asked her daughter to run back to the house and call 911 immediately.

“She had told them what we found, what her address was. She as very calm,” Heidi said.

“I was shaken up.”

Heidi didn’t realize it right away, but the baby’s placenta cord was still attached. With the help of her other daughter Josie, she managed to wrap the newborn in a blanket. And as they waited for paramedics to arrive, Heidi kept touching the baby’s lips to keep him or her alert.

The baby suffered from sunburn, nothing else, fortunately. Lake County Sheriff John Buncich told 10 News, “We’re considering her (Elysia) the guardian angel of that infant.”

In response, Elysia simply said, “I didn’t do this myself. Somebody helped me. God. He put me in that place.”

The newborn was rushed to St. Anthony’s Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

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