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Elvis Presley Alive: King Of Rock And Roll Spotted, Faked Death?

Elvis Presley Alive: King Of Rock And Roll Spotted, Faked Death?
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Elvis Presley Alive: King Of Rock And Roll Spotted, Faked Death?

Could Elvis Presley still be alive?

Conspiracy theories have once again been flying thick and fast in cyberspace alleging that the King of Rock and Roll merely faked his own death, and in truth, he is alive and well.

These rumors gained traction after a video of a pony-tailed man, who had an uncanny resemblance to the rock and roll superstar, was caught on tape and uploaded on YouTube, as he worked in Presley’s Graceland estate.

Unfortunately, these speculations appear to be unfounded, as the man has come forward to disprove that he is not the person many believe him to be, and quashing hopes that Elvis Presley is still alive.

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In a recent YouTube video titled “News Proof: Elvis Presley Graceland groundsman filmed Is Not Elvis Presley,” the man turns out be Bill Barmer, a groundsman working at Elvis’ former mansion Graceland in in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the clip, the man appears with a young blonde woman who seems to be familiar with the “Elvis Presley is alive” story, according to Express.

The woman says in the video: “OK, hi everybody. This is the famous groundskeeper that everyone thinks is Elvis. I found him here in Memphis” Barner then responds by saying, “I’m not really 81 OK,” after which the woman announces, “I literally found him. His name is Bill.”

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Various conspiracy theorists have tried to make the case that Barner is in fact Elvis, with some of them superimposing the legend’s face over the groundsman’s and finding great similarities in the two’s features.

In the meantime, thousands of Elvis Presley fans flocked to his Graceland Mansion last week to commemorate the Aug. 16 death anniversary of the rock legend and bring alive his memory, reported Wide Open Country.

Followers of the King have more reason to celebrate, as Graceland is going to be part of a $45-million dollar expansion project to be undertaken by his estate. It can be recalled that the 200,000 entertainment complex, dubbed “Elvis: Past, Present & Future,” opened its doors to the public in 1982.

The upgraded facility will include a brand new visitor’s center and new exhibits that feature Presley’s impressive car collection and other memorabilia. With this development, Elvis Presley will remain alive in the hearts and minds of his legions of fans.

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