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Elsie Mahe: Three-Year-Old’s Organs To Be Donated Following Tragic Accident

Elsie Mahe: Three-Year-Old’s Organs To Be Donated Following Tragic Accident
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Elsie Mahe: Three-Year-Old’s Organs To Be Donated Following Tragic Accident

A Brigham family is bearing the brunt of a tragic accident that could soon take away their beloved 3-year-old daughter. Elsie Mahe, Brigham Young University Coach Reno Mahe’s daughter, is currently in hospital; doctors are burning the midnight oil to bring her back to life.

The Tragedy

Elsie Mahe, 3, was playing with a friend at the family’s home last week. Oblivious to the elders of the house, the little one got tangled to a window blind cord around her neck and remained hanging for an indefinite period of time. When Sunny, Elsie’s mother found her, the girl wasn’t breathing.

Sunny tried performing CPR on the baby. Paramedics then arrived and took her to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Nobody knew how long Elsie had been without oxygen. An MRI carried out later revealed extensive brain damage.

The doctors had to intubate the 3-year-old and place her on a respirator. But in spite of all such measures, Elsie’s condition continued to deteriorate, reported Fox News.

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The Follow-Up

Given Elsie’s current condition, the Mahe family seems to have lost all hope of their daughter’s survival. The family had recently updated the GoFundMe page for Elsie with the news that they may contemplate organ donation. They had also met with the hospital’s organ donation team to discuss the prospects, they stated in the update.

“The miraculous healing we have been praying for is not FOR Elsie, but FROM Elsie,” Sunny wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“We met this morning with a representative from the hospital organ donation team and feel confident that this is the Lord’s will for Elsie – to be a life saving miracle for others. It is not the miracle that we wanted, but it is the one we got. It is still a miracle.”

“Elsie’s condition continues to slowly slip. And yet we feel peace,” the Mahe family said, as reported by St. George News.

The “Help The Mahe Family” GoFundMe account had raised $52,571 by 814 people in five days.

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Editor’s Note: Leave a prayer or word of encouragement for the Mahe family in the comments section.

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