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Elon Musk Was At The Pentagon, In A Closed Door Meeting With Ash Carter

Elon Musk Was At The Pentagon, In A Closed Door Meeting With Ash Carter
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Elon Musk Was At The Pentagon, In A Closed Door Meeting With Ash Carter

What exactly was Elon Musk doing at the Pentagon in a closed door meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter?

Apparently, sources say Carter met with SpaceX and Tesla’s Musk to discuss Pentagon’s plans to technology advancement. In terms of next-generation gaming and commercial space technology, Musk is one of the leading names in the industry.

But Peter Cook, spokesperson for the Defense Department, in a report from CNN, said that the meeting was nothing but an exploratory talk that centers on the possible innovation the government has been eyeing in partnership with Musk’s company, especially in space exploration. SpaceX has been sending satellites into orbit.

Although both Musk and Carter did not speak with the media after the meeting, Cook said that the talk was part of the government’s effort to tap and consult firms in the innovation side for different government-initiated projects. Its aim is to somehow connect with people in the field of innovation.

“The secretary knows very well the rules and regulations required, and how to keep those issues separate and apart and transparent,” Cook told CNN’s Barbara Starr when asked whether Musk’s role as a would-be government contractor could be a source of issue in the future.

The report added that Carter’s secret meeting with Musk is part of the government’s effort to involve the private sector in the government’s effort to advance defense capability through innovative technology under its brainchild program, dubbed the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUE). With this, the government has been tapping leading tech firms in Silicon Valley for partnerships with various government-initiated programs.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported by Morning News USA that the scheme is part of the U.S. government’s effort to keep up with Russia’s military might. In fact, reports show that the U.S. government has been scrambling to prepare for a possible World War 3 that it has set aside a multi-billion dollar budget to fund space and military equipment readiness.

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