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Ellen DeGeneres Racist Usain Bolt Tweet: Host Addresses Accusations

Ellen DeGeneres Racist Usain Bolt Tweet: Host Addresses Accusations
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Ellen DeGeneres Racist Usain Bolt Tweet: Host Addresses Accusations

Ellen DeGeneres got accused of racial insensitivity recently when her team tweeted an edited picture of the chat show host riding on the back of Usain Bolt after he won 3 gold medals in Rio Olympics 2016.

Even though Ellen DeGeneres is known for her wit and generosity on her “The Ellen Show,” her spotless reputation received a hard blow recently when someone from her staff (probably one of her inexperienced interns) posted a Photoshopped picture on Twitter showing Ellen riding on the back of Usain Bolt.

The Tweet was meant to celebrate the fact that Bolt has so far achieved 3 gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, most people thought that the Tweet could have been captioned better than “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016.”

Rather than seeing the humorous side of the picture, Twitter users started bashing Ellen for a racist take on a world-renowned black athlete.

Ellen DeGeneres Racist

After an era of blacks undergoing slavery and unimaginable torture from white-skinned Americans, people thought that Ellen’s team had no right to mock or undermine the glorious feats of Usain Bolt in any manner, which the Tweet seemed to be doing.

People did not shy away from voicing their enraged opinions. “Dear @TheEllenShow: Whatever intern thought this tweet was a good idea should be fired. Immediately,” wrote one user, reports Stuff.

Another wrote: “I don’t think Ellen is Racist. But I KNOW that photoshopping your pic on a black man’s back w a caption a running errands is insensitive.”

Ellen DeGeneres Usain Bolt Tweet

After the matter was being blown out of proportion, Ellen took to Twitter and posted the following message: “I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country. It is the furthest thing from who I am.”

She followed her clarification by posting a video clip of the time Usain Bolt had visited “The Ellen Show” and raced a 6-year old only to feign a cramp and pretend to lose the race.

Even though Usain Bolt did not respond to the controversy, it became clear whose side he was taking when he retweeted Ellen’s Photoshopped picture, reports Variety. Bolt certainly does not seem to mind!

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