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Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleson Really Love Each Other

Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleson Really Love Each Other
Elizabeth Olsen Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleson Really Love Each Other

Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleson laughed off rumors that there is something romantic between them. They said they really love each other though…as co-actors. This means there is hope for them yet right?

According to E! News, the duo that is so good onscreen never dated each other off screen. Their chemistry on “I Saw the Light” was so remarkable that romance rumors naturally ensued.

The rumor of the stars dating each other started as early as May last year, but the rumor mills stopped churning in September when Olsen clarified that she is just friends with Tom Hiddleson. Apparently, the rumors are starting again.

On the premiere night of “I Saw the Light,” the actress said that she is used to being linked with Hiddleson.  “I’m used it by now,” “I’m like, ‘Wow, my life is real exciting.’ I got three Avengers on my cue lined up,” she told E News.

The duo met four years back and became friends instantly. They had fun together but never thought this movie would happen. Olsen shared, “None of us got the job but what we got out of it is, Oh, we work similarly…This could be fun,” adding, “We could have fun working together and then it ended up happening.”

Speaking about the movie they are currently starring in, Olsen said their characters have a very unpredictable relationship. “Hank and Audrey clearly had such a passionate and volatile relationship,” Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s younger sister said.  “They loved each other so much but they were unintentionally cruel to each other,” she added.

Is this how the actors are in real life? No way — the two care for each other to bits and does not have anything bad to say of each other. Hiddleston described Olsen as “a great tennis partner and “the kind of actress who’s really in the moment with you.” Hiddleson added, “She’s very present…We’ve been friends for awhile so it was nice to finally work with her.”

On her interview with ET, Olsen literally gushed about Hiddleson as well. “I would love to work with him again,” Olsen gushed. “He’s such an incredible person. Anyone who’s worked with him knows how disciplined and rigorous he is, and kind and respectful.”

Yes, there is still hope for them to be together.

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