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Eliot Fights Inner Demons In Mr. Robot Episode 4

Eliot Fights Inner Demons In Mr. Robot Episode 4
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Eliot Fights Inner Demons In Mr. Robot Episode 4

As the series completes its fourth episode, here is where “Mr. Robot” stands.

The fsociety has produced a master plan to destroy Evil Corp, and Eliot is back to work. It has only one motto, “save the world” by freeing everyone from debt.

The episode revolves around the demons of Eliot. He is not only dealing with them throughout the episode but also imagines his past, present and future together. He sees himself as a child where his mother force-feeds him. He also imagines himself proposing to Angela.

As you have seen, Shayla is Eliot’s new girlfriend, and Angela finds herself testing ecstasy with her.

“Mr. Robot” episode 4 explores the consciousness and unconsciousness of Eliot. In one scene, we found Eliot shot dead. In another, he is talking to his fish. The viewers will surely question the reality of both scenes. Above all, the question that comes into mind is that if Mr. Robot is real.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter published an interview of Rami Malek and Christian Slater. The two have strong opinions about the show which are worth presenting.

Malek said, “I think people have generally been taken aback. … How unique and how timely it is. Everything seems to be coalescing at the perfect time for this show. It’s a lot of terrible things that are happening the world…”

Slater said, “But definitely it must be a subject that needs to be clearly addressed; a level of awareness needs to be brought to the dangers of this hacking issue. Look, you turn on the news and its everywhere. When we made the pilot, the Sony hack happened a couple weeks later. Just everyday you watch a story about it and it gets scarier and scarier.”

“Mr. Robot” episode 4 is really interesting as far as the scenes and themes are concerned. As “Mr. Robot” progresses to the fifth episode, keep a look for spoilers. We have more to deliver.

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