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Elena Delle Donne Gay: More NBA Stars To Come Out?

Elena Delle Donne Gay: More NBA Stars To Come Out?
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Elena Delle Donne Gay: More NBA Stars To Come Out?

WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne from Team USA come out as gay recently. Noted gay players on Rio Olympics 2016 are Women’s Basketball squad’s Brittney Griner, Angel McCouhtry and Seimone Augustus as well.

Are more NBA stars planning to come out as gay? Elena coming out as gay was published in Vogue on Aug.4, but the 26-year-old’s sexuality was not mentioned in the headline.

Besides, the fact that there were no follow-ups about it hints that there is still stigma related to it. There were no reports on what will happen when Rio 2016 Olympics comes to an end.

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Though Elena Delle Donne announced that she has been engaged to another woman, it was very subdued, USA Today reports. WNBA players are frustrated about the fact that they always have to hide who they are.

All this is because of the anti-LGBT law, an example of which was NBA pulling out of All-Star weekend in North Carolina in July. So, players think it best to remain silent about their sexual preferences.

However, according to Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, also from Team USA WNBA, players do not open up due to stigma, which is very frustrating. Also, after coming out as gay a NBA player has to go through the pain of fighting for their rights, Yahoo reports.

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However, according to Elena Delle Donne, her coming out as gay was normal. She added that there were people who wanted to talk about it, and there was a lot of support.

“I would love to see that (sort of support in the NBA), if there are any (gay men). No one should have to hide who they are. That’s where I hope our society moves to, where it’s not a story. It’s normal,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jason Collins was the first active NBA player to come out through Sports Illustrated. There have been instances of former NBA stars like John Amaechi, who opened up about his being gay, four years after playing his last NBA game.

So in this situation, will more NBA players come out in the open and announce that they are gay? Only time will tell.

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