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Elena Delle Donne, Amanda Clifton Wedding Scheduled Soon – Report

Elena Delle Donne, Amanda Clifton Wedding Scheduled Soon – Report
Elena Delle Donne Larry Wilder / Flickr cc


Elena Delle Donne, Amanda Clifton Wedding Scheduled Soon – Report

All eyes are on Elena Delle Donne as her team faces Spain in the 2016 Rio Olympics women’s basketball finals. And while her performance in the 2016 Olympics are making headlines, her engagement to Amanda Clifton has also received quite the attention.

Donne revealed the engagement in early August just before the onset of the Rio Games. She didn’t consider it as “coming out” but rather taking their relationship to the next level by making it public.

According to Vogue, Elena Delle Donne is poised to take Olympic gold with her team this year. This will be the sixth back-to-back gold won by the women’s basketball team in the event.

She was recently voted MVP of the Women’s NBA and was praised by NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum. According to Tatum, Donne is a once-in-a-generation player, much like the Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry.

Apparently, her same-sex relationship with Clifton was already known among Donne’s circle of teammates, friends, and family. In hindsight, the revelation should not have caught anyone off-guard considering the hints hiding under everyone’s noses.

According to ESPN, Donne did not plan to make her relationship public and draw media attention. However, now that the cat’s out of the bag, everyone is excited and wants to see it for the first time.

Donne was engaged to Amanda Clifton on June 2 of this year. And though the relationship is now public, she still plans live a private life with her.

The wedding is still not a priority at the moment considering that the Rio Olympics is still ongoing. However, given her busy schedule, it would be safe to bet that the two will tie the knot soon.

Elena Delle Donne and the US Women’s Basketball team will face Spain on Saturday, 2:30 p.m. ET. Will team USA take home the gold for the sixth time? Or will Spain prevail and put a stop to US dominance in women’s basketball.

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