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El Chapo Spotted Aboard Plane, Drinking Beer, Chatting With Girl

El Chapo Spotted Aboard Plane, Drinking Beer, Chatting With Girl
Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escapes again Day Donaldson / Flickr CC BY 2.0


El Chapo Spotted Aboard Plane, Drinking Beer, Chatting With Girl

Fugitive and notorious drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was reportedly pictured aboard a plane, drinking beer and chatting with a girl. The photos were not yet verified. However, Mexican officials who are on the case were one in saying that El Chapo’s escape records prove everything is possible when it comes to the most dangerous drug lord in Mexico.

It could also be possible that El Chapo has slipped into the United States.

El Chapo drinks beer and chats away aboard plane

El Chapo is pictured drinking beer while comfortably sitting aboard a plane. He is also seen chatting with a girl in one photo. The photos posted on El Blog del Narco is said to be leaked by El Chapo’s own son. Mexican officials said that the photos are yet to be verified but they are more leaning towards the conclusion that the photos were hoax.

“I don’t think (his son) would leak those photos because that could be used to try and apprehend Chap, and that would be circumventing his planned escape,” said former Drug Enforcement Agent Mike Vigil as quoted by Daily News.

See photos of El Chapo.

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Everything is possible with El Chapo

While Vigil believes that the photo are fake, Mexican officials handling the case said the most dangerous drug lord could do anything humanly possible while at large. An unnamed Mexican intelligence official, who has spoken with CNN on condition of anonymity, said that El Chapo can in fact camouflage with crowds in Mexico’s crowded streets. He can also seek refuge in provinces where his drug cartels are more powerful that government authorities.

El Chapo could also be hiding in his birthplace, the mountains of Sinaloa, where his family is said to be residing at the moment. Sinaloan residents would very much willing to hide El Chapo, Mexican official said. Sinaloa could only be traveled with an ATV or plane. Any vehicle of this type that belongs to authorities could be immediately reported to El Chapo for him to hide immediately. The Mexican official also considers the possibility that El Chapo has already slipped into Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala or the U.S. The Mexican government is ready to award $38 million worth of bounty for whoever can give information about El Chapo’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, former chief of operations for the DEA, who tracked El Chapo during his escapes in the past, warned that the first 72 hours of his escape is very important.

“The first 72 hours (after the escape) are extraordinarily important here. And if they don’t get their hands on him then, I don’t know. We may never see this guy again,” Braun told CNN.


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