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El Chapo Escape: Sinaloa Drug Cartel Head Finds A Way to Get Out Again

El Chapo Escape: Sinaloa Drug Cartel Head Finds A Way to Get Out Again
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El Chapo Escape: Sinaloa Drug Cartel Head Finds A Way to Get Out Again

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the head of the world’s largest drug smuggling chain, the Sinaloa Cartel, was rumored to have escaped from prison for the third time. The news about El Chapo’s alleged escape went trending online. However, the “El Chapo escape” is fortunately not more than just a rumor.

El Chapo was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment in 1993 for murder and drug trafficking. He escaped the jail for the first time in 2001, after paying off the guards. He managed to stay out of it until 2014 before being caught and escaping once again in 2015. He was captured in a shootout in Mexico and restored back in jail in 2016.

El Chapo managed to escape the high-security prison twice already and a third escape did not sound impossible to many as well. On Friday, the name trended worldwide with people sharing jokes, and memes on the breaking news all over the internet.

“I wish El Chapo would teach me how to escape from debt,” a Twitter user shared.

However, none of the leading media organisations reported anything about his escape, the BBC reported. Neither was it on the front page of any of Mexico’s newspapers.

The rumors on El Chapo’s escape are nothing but a hoax that played on the quick popularity that it picked up. Several websites published the story without doing the necessary fact check. Information Nigeria claimed on Friday that they learned about the El Chapo’s escape from the prison officials.

“This escape plot was even more calculated than his previous escape. It was very well planned. He pretty much just walked out of the prison undetected and have no idea where he is now,” a prison official reported told Information Nigeria.

The site later apologized and admitted the report to be a hoax, but some of the other websites that published the same story haven’t yet, the Hollywood Life reported.

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