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Egg Hatching Goes Live On Facebook, Watched By Thousands


Egg Hatching Goes Live On Facebook, Watched By Thousands

A Facebook page called The Chicken Chick published a live cam video on Wednesday showing the hatching of two endangered chicken.

With over 300,00 views for the third part of its live showing, the video showed two cracked eggs, claimed by the page owner to be an endangered specie, the Crèvecœur chicken. Two chicks trying to come out of the shells for hours entertained and fascinated viewers. The video, as of writing, has been on broadcast for more than two hours.

With around 4,100 shares, the video generated thousands of comments, raising awareness for the chickens. The first video was viewed 190,000 times. You may visit their page for more details on how you can get involved in the conservation of chickens.

This live video comes two weeks after the live feed of a giraffe, fondly called April the Giraffe, went live at the Animal Adventure Park. The 15-year-old giraffe was already on the last stretch of her pregnancy and may be giving birth anytime soon.

You can also watch the live cam here.

Meanwhile, the first egg hatched before publication of this article, and it looks awesome.

After the first egg hatched, the page owner went on to explain the umbilical cord of the chicks and answered questions about them.

Wanna see the chick hatch? Watch the video below.

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