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Edward Snowden Reacts To ‘Snowden’ Movie Trailer

Edward Snowden Reacts To ‘Snowden’ Movie Trailer
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Edward Snowden Reacts To ‘Snowden’ Movie Trailer

On Wednesday, the first trailer of the forthcoming biographical political thriller film “Snowden” was unleashed to the public. The Snowden movie trailer showcased a glimpsed of how Snowden entered into the National Security Agency (NSA), the release of mass surveillance documents, and how the agent’s slipped away to Hong Kong.

After the “Snowden” trailer went viral, Edward Snowden himself, who is a computer professional and a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, hit on his Twitter account and posted, “For two minutes and thirty nine seconds, everybody at NSA just stopped working.”

As stated by Common Dreams, the Snowden movie trailer also allowed the public to witness how the NSA whistleblower took an SD card loaded with government secrets out of the NSA building. The agent was able simply hide the SD card under the tile of a Rubik’s cube to get pass the building’s security.

It has been said that in real life, Snowden really did put the files on a USB thumb drive and walked out of the NSA building.

The Rubik’s cube scene also referenced how Snowden met in real life the American director and producer of documentary films Laura Poitras. And as Snowden and Poitras rendezvous in Hong Kong, Snowden stated, “We will meet in the hallway outside of the restaurant in the Mira Hotel. I will be working on a Rubik’s cube so that you can identify me.”

“Snowden” film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden, as reported by the Screen Rant. The forthcoming biographical political thriller movie cast includes Shailene Woodley who plays Snowden’s girlfriend Lindsay Mills, film producer Zachary Quinto, Melissa Leo, Tom Wilkinson, Scott Eastwood and the famous American actor – Nicolas Cage.

The film is directed by Oliver Stone and co-written the film by Kieran Fitzgerald.

“Snowden” film is slated to fire up big screens on September 16.

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