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Edward Snowden Net Worth: $200,000 In Speaking Fees Alone!

Edward Snowden Net Worth: $200,000 In Speaking Fees Alone!
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Edward Snowden Net Worth: $200,000 In Speaking Fees Alone!

It has been reported that Edward Snowden earned $200,000 in terms of speaking fees over the past year, despite hiding in Russia.

Being an international fugitive, the NSA whistleblower had taken refuge in an undisclosed Russian location to escape espionage charges in the U.S. According to Sky News, Michael Isikoff, an American investigative journalist, said that Snowden earned the six-digit sum for speeches through videos. These sessions have been arranged by a U.S. major speaker bureau.

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The report by Isikoff also said that at least three of the speeches were hosted by public American universities. The former NSA contractor’s lawyer Ben Wizner said last spring that the whistleblower was already earning above $10,000.

In front of audiences varying from universities to this year’s San Diego Comic Con, his price per appearance can now be as high as $25,000, Wizner said. However, the part that seemed ironical was his booking agent, American Program Bureau. The bureau represents a number of military and former government officials.

Yahoo News reported that these officials are less than supportive of the NSA whistleblower’s new line of work. According to John Brennan, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, it was entirely wrong and unfortunate. This is because the former NSA employee only transformed his reputation into speaking engagements.

Brennan added that Snowden had violated the oath that he made to this Constitution and this government.

The immense hack and the ensuing popularity Edward Snowden achieved with a celebrity status had surely enraged intelligence officials.

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