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Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend Lindsay Mills: Facts About Pole Dancer And Whistleblower’s Life In Hong Kong

Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend Lindsay Mills: Facts About Pole Dancer And Whistleblower’s Life In Hong Kong
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Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend Lindsay Mills: Facts About Pole Dancer And Whistleblower’s Life In Hong Kong

Lindsay Mills is a pole-dancing artist and a traveler. She is also the girlfriend of one of the most controversial figures of our times, Edward Snowden.

The former NSA contractor became famous 2013. This is after he worked with journalists to expose the secret operations of his former employer, National Security Agency.

The NSA, according to documents leaked by him, used to keep track of millions of Americans and retrieve information on the basis of mass surveillance.

According to People, Lindsay Mills, loyal lover of Snowden, traveled to Russia to be with her boyfriend of eight years. This was after his identity was released, and after he asked for asylum overseas while charged under the 1917 Espionage Act.

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Characteristically, the former NSA contractor is an introvert guy dealing with the hush-hush, but his girlfriend Mills is the exact opposite. She is an open book, posting her scantily-clad images on social media as well as pole-dancing videos of herself.

She has also been posting photos on Instagram for sometime now, all of which provide glimpses of her life with the whistleblower in Russia.

While the two lived in Hawaii before Snowden came forward to the press, the whistleblower never shared his plans of leaking the NSA files to his beloved Mills. His escape to Hong Kong came right out of a spy thriller. Snowden was aided by a 44-year-old Sri Lankan asylum seeker, Ajith, and a Canadian human rights lawyer, Robert Tibbo.

As he was trying to escape extradition to the U.S., the human rights lawyer, with the help of others, helped Snowden disappear for two weeks. After two more weeks, Snowden reappeared on an Aeroflot airplane and landed in Moscow.

During these weeks, the former NSA contractor hid under a dark hat and glasses and shared a dingy room of 150 square-feet with four people. He rarely went out, except at night when he could easily get lost among several asylum seekers on the crowded streets of Hong Kong, according to the National Post.

According to the Daily Mail, on October 2014, the former NSA contractor and his girlfriend were spotted in a Moscow theater, which is most probably their last public appearance. Sources back then confirmed that the whistleblower is happy that his lover came to Russia to be with him.

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