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Edward Snowden Dead; Mistress & Wife Now Feuding?

Edward Snowden Dead; Mistress & Wife Now Feuding?
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Edward Snowden Dead; Mistress & Wife Now Feuding?

While the news that Edward Snowden is dead, there have been speculations that the leaker’s wife and mistress are having a feud. recently published an article about the alleged death of the former National Securty Agenct (NSA) employer, saying that he died in Russia.

The report claimed that Edward Snowden was found dead after he was killed by a drunken Buryat man who was carrying a knife. This was allegedly confirmed by the famous whistlblower’s mistress Natasha.

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However, Edward Snowden’s wife Lindsay Mills, hit back at the mistress for being the one who spread his death to the media.

“Natasha, you bitch. You had no right to inform someone about the death of my dear Edward,” the report quoted Linday. “You’re a whore. Is not it enough for you that you cheated?”

Lindsay also revealed that Natasha slept with her husband.

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She added, “It was my place to break the news – news must be broken. Shame on you whore.”

The report also noted that the website Get Off the BS has confirmed Edward Snowden’s death and his wife and mistress’ confirmation.

Last Saturday, a tweet from Edward Snowden emerged with the cryptic message “It’s time.” Some are alleging that he might have released a key to an encrypted file.

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“If in fact the switch activated and released the alleged Snowden Tweet, Snowden would have most likely been killed or incapacitated as late as August 4th,” Brian Michael of Get Off the BS said. “However, newspapers in Russia are subject to government censoring, which would of delayed the story from appearing in an article by MKRU.”

He added, “My personal opinion, I think that Natasha and Lindsay have confirmed Snowden’s death.”

Amidst the rumors that Edward Snowden is dead, journalist Glenn Greenwald claimed it’s just a hoax, Snopes said in a report.

Greenwald, who worked with Edward Snowden in leaking the controversial NSA files, said in a tweet that he is fine.

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