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Edit Your Microsoft Office Files Using Dropbox

Edit Your Microsoft Office Files Using Dropbox
Image from Flickr by Ian Lamont


Edit Your Microsoft Office Files Using Dropbox


Image from Flickr by Ian Lamont

Dropbox has always been the world leader in online space synchronization, and with its recent integration with Microsoft, users are going to get much more. The recent advancement will allow Dropbox users to edit files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Microsoft integration will enable users without installations of Microsoft Word and Excel in desktops and laptops to edit their documents online.

The user is only required to click and open the file he or she is viewing on the web; once the file is edited, changes will be saved in Dropbox.

Microsoft already has its own storage solution named OneDrive, but that is not going to limit the company from joining hands with Dropbox. iOS and Android integration was two major steps taken by the company in the past. With this new partnership, Microsoft is seen as a force moving fast in the technology market.

The partnership between Dropbox and Microsoft is not only worthwhile for users, but also beneficial for both the companies. The companies are on the verge of offering the best to users from all platforms.

The partnership is an extension of the business between the two companies, surely a logical one, The Verge points out. You will not have to decide if you want to keep the file in OneDrive or Dropbox, because both of them will yield the same result.

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