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Ed Sheeran Face Slashed By Princess Beatrice: Queen Elizabeth Could Be Furious

Ed Sheeran Face Slashed By Princess Beatrice: Queen Elizabeth Could Be Furious
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Ed Sheeran Face Slashed By Princess Beatrice: Queen Elizabeth Could Be Furious

Ed Sheeran face was accidentally slashed as Princess Beatrice jokingly pretended to knight singer James Blunt. After the mishap with Ed Sheeran Princess Beatrice became panic stricken as she though she disfigured his face.

The incident must have embarrassed Queen Elizabeth to no bounds as the prank belittled an important royal tradition and honor.

Ed Sheeran face cut by Princess Beatrice during knighting prank

Everyone was apparently in a light-hearted mood at the dinner party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, England. When soldier-turned-singer James Blunt, 42, joked that he would like to become a Sir, the princess grabbed the ceremonial blade and pretended to knight him.

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As she said “arise Sir James” she swung the sword over her shoulder without realizing that Sheeran was standing right behind her. She happened to misjudge the weight of the sword and it swung to the side when she tried to lift it. The blow sliced open Ed Sheeran face and he was immediately taken to the hospital, the Sun reported.

After realizing she hurt Ed Sheeran Princess Beatrice started panicking, thinking she disfigured his face.

“She was mortified! She genuinely thought she had disfigured his face,” a source told US Weekly.

The source added, “She was gasping and screaming and there was blood all down by his face.”

But the singer tried to calm her down before leaving for the hospital. “He was like, ‘It’s fine, don’t worry. Don’t worry!’ the source added. “And he was kind of chuckling as he went off to get it seen to. No one could believe it when he came back!”

Prince Beatrice Swings Sword At Ed Sheeran Queen Elizabeth Angry?

Fellow singer-songwriter Andy Patterson posted an image of Ed Sheeran face with the wound on Twitter on November 19. He captioned the image, “Tonight I met the only person in the world who loves [singer] Foy Vance more than me.”

However, the incident may not have gone down well with Queen Elizabeth. Not only did the prank resulted in a mishap, but it also appear to belittle the tradition of knightship. According to a report by the Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the princess’ mother Sarah Fergusson, also staged similar mock knighthood ceremonies in the past.

It is likely that following the incident with Ed Sheeran Queen Elizabeth is highly displeased with her grand-daughter and former daughter-in-law.

Ed Sheeran face scar was prominently visible this week, after the Windsor knees-up.

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