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Ed Miliband Might Step Down Post-UK Elections Disaster

Ed Miliband Might Step Down Post-UK Elections Disaster
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Ed Miliband Might Step Down Post-UK Elections Disaster

With poll results in favor of Conservative Party’s David Cameron, it is highly expected that Labour Party leader Ed Miliband might step down from his post. Harriet Harman, Labour’s deputy leader, refuses to comment on the issue, but at the same time, he did not deny the possibility. After losing 20 seats, Ed Miliband might face no other choice but to leave his post, the Telegraph reports.

Senior Labour figures hold Ed Miliband responsible for possible ruins during the UK elections. Both Harriet Harman and David Blunkett, former Home Secretary, feels Mr. Miliband should not continue his leadership after losing 20 seats.

Lord Mandelson, former Labour business secretary, suggested it was not “conceivable” that Miliband would enter Downing Street if the Labour Party loses big against the Tories.

He said, “On these numbers, I don’t really see that [Ed Miliband becoming Prime Minister]. The numbers in themselves do not rule out Ed Miliband being Prime Minister. That will not come necessarily from the number that comes first.”

Blunkett declined to say whether Miliband should stay as Labour leader.

He said, “Nobody’s answered that question and I’m not going to either. We need to see the reality on the ground. I fear they [the poll results] may be close to being right for several reasons. ”

Even Mrs. Harman doubts about Mr Miliband’s leadership if poll results are indeed true.

She said, “I just think the first thing we have to work out is who is going to be the Prime Minister at the end of the night.

“I think the idea of the next steps, sorry you will just have to endure me for another time on this programme, perhaps 6 hours hence. I just think it’s too early to answer these questions.”

During election campaigns, Miliband showed sheer confidence in winning the UK elections and forming his government over Britain.

He said in the final round of campaign, “I’m optimistic – but it will be in the hands of the people come tomorrow and I know the people will make the right judgment.

“And, I hope people make a judgment on the basis of what’s best for them and their family because I’m not just asking people to vote Labour, I’m asking people to vote to put their family first in this election.”

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