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An Easy How-To Guide on Using Google Analytics to Track Email Campaigns

An Easy How-To Guide on Using Google Analytics to Track Email Campaigns
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An Easy How-To Guide on Using Google Analytics to Track Email Campaigns

What happened when a visitor reached your website through the link on your marketing email? Did he browse through your product pages? Did he add anything to the shopping cart? Or did he leave your site within moments? Well, you need answers to all these crucial questions when you have to gauge the ultimate performance or conversion rate of your email marketing campaign. This is where you would need Google Analytics for your email marketing campaign. Precisely, this Google tool helps to track the email marketing campaigns “beyond click” – i.e. when a visitor reaches to your site by clicking on your website URL offered on the email message. Many email marketers have no idea about this amazing functionality of Google Analytics!

Most professional email softwares already comes with a ready-to-go option for campaign tracking to work just fine with Google Analytics. If your software doesn’t, you can use add-on email analytics tools that support “campaign track parameters”. It will provide you with additional insights. Google analytics for email marketing software can isolate visitors to get you a hang of their likes and behaviors. No wonder, it would be a massive help to understand the significance of your email messages to your target email list.

Let’s check how Google Analytics works for email campaigns.

Tracking beyond click

As mentioned earlier, “beyond click tracking” refers to the tracking activity which tracks what the visitor does once he reaches to your webpage through your email. You also know by now that a web analytics tracker would be the most handy at this stage. Or else, your very email system can also perform tracking here if you’ve embedded email system’s tracking code on the web pages. Google Analytics will enable you to get a detailed picture of all the interactions made by the visitor with your website and also the likelihood of sales with these visitors. To put it simply, the tracking tool will help you with a better understanding of the quality of your leads.

It’s to stress here that you must be careful about the tracking part while selecting email services. Your chosen provider must be flexible to support beyond-click tracking & monitoring of conversion points. It would also allow automatic tagging of email marketing campaigns with analytics tracking.

Reporting email traffic with Google Analytics

To get reports on email traffic, you must set “custom Advanced segment” on Google Analytics. It will enable you to isolate the visitors from various emails to help you understand their interactions & conversion potential.

Open up the Google Analytics window, go to top left and choose Advanced segment with down arrow. Now, click on “Create New Segment” & select “Email” for “Medium”.

Email marketing campaign tagging/coding with Analytics

For “beyond click” tracking, you have to tag your email links (directing to landing page) with campaign track parameters. You have five “name-value” pairs which form URL’s query string.

Here is an example of the email campaign parameters:

utm_medium – it refers to marketing medium which is “email” in your case

utm_campaign – it refers to name of your campaign, such as “BlackFridaySpecials”

utm_term – it refers to the keywords for your ads for Adwords campaign and with email marketing, you can use it for individual links, such as “promdress”

utm_source – it will imply email type or email list source, such as “holiday deal email”

utm_content – it will help to differentiate links or ads which direct to same URL. Examples would be user email, user-id etc.

Don’t forget Google’s privacy terms

Google follows strict rules regarding the use of email address for utm_content  field. There are also stringent rules on using clickstream data. So, it’s better you study Google’s privacy terms on working with Google Analytics before you use it for your campaign.

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