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Earthquake Strikes Alaska; Tremors Felt In Anchorage And Fairbanks

Earthquake Strikes Alaska; Tremors Felt In Anchorage And Fairbanks
Alaska Range from UAF Steve Betts / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Earthquake Strikes Alaska; Tremors Felt In Anchorage And Fairbanks

A moderate earthquake caused tremors in southern Alaska on Wednesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

According to RT, the earthquake was initially reported to be of 5.6 magnitude before it was upgraded to 6.2. The USGS eventually deduced it to be 5.8.

No damage or injuries were reported as a result of the earthquake.

The epicenter was determined to be in the Alaska Range. The quake occurred 70 miles deep. Tremors were experience in Anchorage, about 75 miles away, and Fairbanks, about 250 miles northeast.

Julie Harvey, with Anchorage Office of Emergency Management, said, “We definitely felt it here in Anchorage but we have no reports of damage or injuries at this point,” as reported by CNN.

An individual commented on the Alaska Dispatch News Facebook page, “Thought a moose was headbutting my camper.” Another user commented, saying, “Heard it coming and going, it was a long one!”

There has been no issuance of a tsunami watch.

Alaska is a hotspot for several daily earthquakes, since there is subduction of the Pacific plate which forces it to shift beneath the North America plate. Devastating earthquakes and tsunamis occur regularly in the region. Twelve earthquakes of magnitudes more than 7.5 have occurred in the region since the 20th century.


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