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Dylann Roof Acts As Both Defendant And Lawyer

Dylann Roof Acts As Both Defendant And Lawyer
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Dylann Roof Acts As Both Defendant And Lawyer

The court handling the case of Dylann Roof, accused of Charleston Church shooting, has allowed him to serve as his own lawyer. The defendant on Tuesday helped in choosing jurors for his federal death penalty trial starting next year.

The Crime

In what has been assumed as a racist rampage, a man faces death penalty for killing nine parishioners. The massacre took place at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina last year.

Roof, 22, is charged with acts of hate crime, obstruction of religion, and use of firearm resulting in death. The prosecutors are seeking death penalty against Roof who has been labelled as a chauvinist in a Reuters report.

The Judge

As told by US. District Judge Richard Gergel, Roof’s former lawyers are not allowed to send emails to prosecutors on the accused’s behalf, despite the fact that Roof doesn’t have email access.

“Mr. Roof chose to represent himself and that choice has consequences,” said the judge.

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That being said, Judge Gergel however added that he would further contemplate on the request. Furthermore, he dismissed the lawyers appointed by Roof to serve as standby counsel.

“You are not Mr. Roof’s co-counsel,” the judge said, discharging them from speak on Roof’s behalf in court. “That is off the table. I told you, Mr. Roof, that I thought this was a bad idea, self-representation.”

Why Roof had chosen to defend himself against the charges levied on him continues to be unclear. At the same time, his reasons for not saying it publicly that he wishes to serve as his own lawyer remain a mystery as well.

The June 2015 attack that Roof has been held guilt of was carried out during a Bible reading session at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Jury

According to a Daily News report, Roof did not object a potential juror who claimed he already knew Roof of being guilty.

“We all know that he is guilty,” the man said. “It’s just a matter of life or death.”

At present, 27 people made it to the jury. There will be 28 more scheduled for interview and questioning on Wednesday.

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