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Dylan Roof Attacked: Photos Of Dwayne Marion Stafford Who Beat Him Up In Jail

Dylan Roof Attacked: Photos Of Dwayne Marion Stafford Who Beat Him Up In Jail
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Dylan Roof Attacked: Photos Of Dwayne Marion Stafford Who Beat Him Up In Jail

Dylan Roof, a man who claimed responsibility for killing parishioners at the Emanuel AME Church on June 17, 2015, was assaulted inside the Charleston County Jail. Roof killed nine black people and claimed he wanted to start a race war.

The ambush on Roof took place at around 7:45 a.m. on Thursday as he was preparing for a shower inside the Charleston County jail. There were two detention officers assigned to be with Roof while he showered. However, one of the officers had reportedly taken a break, while the other had been called to take toilet paper to a nearby cell.

At this point, another inmate, Dwayne Marion Stafford, charged at Roof. The 25-year-old inmate from Goose Creek was supposed to be locked in his cell but managed to get out to where Roof was. Roof only maintained a defensive stance as Stafford attacked him. The incident was reportedly broken up in seconds, and Roof ended up suffering from minor injuries. Moreover, 22-year-old Roof appeared to have bruises on his back and face.

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Following the attack, police said that Stafford would be charged with battery, misdemeanor and third-degree assault. However, according to a report from The Post and Courier, Roof and his attorney, Ashley Pennington, had indicated that they do not wish to press charges against Stafford.

Stafford had been arrested for first-degree assault, battery, strong-arm robbery and providing false information to a police officer.

“It seems to me, pretty obvious at this point, that at the very least, we have complacency,” remarked Sheriff Al Cannon of the officers assigned to stay with Roof. They have since been named as Bobbie Johnson and Gerald Joyce. A decision is yet to be made on whether the two officers will be able to return to their regular shifts.

According to a report from WCNC, Roof’s attorney’s are currently challenging federal prosecutor’s intent to seek the death penalty for their client.

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