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Dylan Noble Shooting: Teen Shot By Police While Bleeding On The Ground

Dylan Noble Shooting: Teen Shot By Police While Bleeding On The Ground
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Dylan Noble Shooting: Teen Shot By Police While Bleeding On The Ground

Dylan Noble was alive beside his pickup truck after being shot twice. Moments later, a Fresno police officer fired another shot at him.

A witness’s video has emerged showing the final moments of the incident. According to the video, a fourth shot had been fired fourteen seconds ago.

The Fresno Bee reported that the witness began filming the incident after the first two shots were fired. There was also a body camera, the contents of which have not yet been released.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer believed that the video from the body camera will prove that Dylan Noble was still making threats even after the two shots had been fired.

The Fresno Police Chief said he was sure about the conduct of his officers. He knew his officers acted accordingly when they shot and killed the 19-year-old.

Dyer claimed that the footage filmed by the witness only shows the final seconds of the shooting. According to him, the footage is inconclusive, as it does not show why the officers feared for their safety and continued to shoot.

“It does not show him reaching with his left hand lifting up his shirt and placing his right hand into his waistband when the officers are yelling for him not to do that and show his hands,” said Dyer.

The 19-year-old’s family and friends arranged a private funeral for him in Clovis. On the same day, the family’s lawyers made an official announcement through a letter.

In the letter, the family asked for an investigation that should be conducted by an outside law enforcement agency like the FBI or the state Attorney General’s Office, according to Your Central Valley.

According to Dyer, the FBI has already agreed to investigate the shooting of Dylan Noble.

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