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Dying Mom Gets To Watch Daughter Graduate During A Hospital Ceremony

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Dying Mom Gets To Watch Daughter Graduate During A Hospital Ceremony

The graduation ceremony may have been unofficial, but it meant a lot nonetheless. That’s because holding the ceremony meant that Carol Grant would be able to see her daughter Kelsey graduate.

“I won’t be able to see my daughter graduate,” Carol had said initially upon receiving her diagnosis. Back in January, doctors said that she had stage four pancreatic cancer. Carol had just been transferred to hospice care just a few weeks ago. She is fading fast and her family knows it.

“She is ready to go anytime,” Carol’s husband Terry told Inside Edition. The graduation ceremony at Terry High School won’t be held until May 20. Because of Carol’s condition though, it is believed she may not have that long. This is what inspired two local residents to hold an advance graduation ceremony for Carol’s sake.

Michelle Wolff and Mary Elizabeth Grue decided to contact the school’s superintendent to set up a mock graduation ceremony for Carol’s family. The women also took care of coordinating with the Praire Community Hospital.

In the end, everybody supported the event. In fact, all five students of the graduating batch even came. The ceremony was extra special for the Grants since Terry is graduating valedictorian. “She clapped and was extremely excited. It was nice of them to do something like that,” Terry told the Idaho State Journal.

Meanwhile, several local businesses also came together to support the mock graduation ceremony. They had donated flowers, cake and even a graduation banner. Indeed, the program was every bit like the actual graduation ceremony that would be held later this month.

“They did an actual graduation,” Terry recalled. “They did it in the dining hall of the hospital just like it would be at the regular graduation.”

Carol’s daughter cried as she delivered her speech.

As for Kelsey, Terry says their daughter held it together pretty well. “When she was giving her mom a hug with the rose, it was very emotional,” Terry said. However, when time came for Kelsey to deliver her speech, she could not hold it much longer. “She started crying,” Terry explained.

Today, the Grant family is still accepting any financial help that you can give to them to help pay for Carol’s medical expenses. For more detail, visit their crowdfunding page here.

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