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Dwyane Wade Will Not Leave Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade Will Not Leave Miami Heat
Dwyane Wade and LeBron James Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Dwyane Wade Will Not Leave Miami Heat

On Thursday, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat entered into a contractual agreement. The $20 million deal came a day after the basketball team took point guard Goran Dragic onboard for $90 million for five years.

Although the Heat lost LeBron James last summer, it can revive the team with Wade and Dragic and prepare for a better season ahead. While they missed the playoffs in the last season, the latest line-up for 2015-16 put together by president Pat Riley, general manager Andy Elisburg and coach Erik Spoelstra looks more than impressive, according to Miami Herald.

Wade said in a statement, “It has been an honor and privilege to play with the Miami HEAT the past twelve years. The HEAT family and I have shared incredible moments over the years and I look forward to continuing our journey. I am extremely proud of my personal contributions in helping to build the HEAT franchise and for bringing three NBA championship wins to our great city. For my entire NBA career, Miami has always been my city and my home. I’m overwhelmed with the love and support the Miami community have consistently shown me and my family throughout the years.”

With the NBA’s cap salary expected to rise to around $90 million, Wade will be able to secure a pay hike in the 2016 offseason, according Yahoo Sports.

Wade’s decision was heavily influenced by his fans’ desires of not wanting him to leave.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated what they all said,” he said.

Last season, he was the third best among all Eastern Conference players, averaging 21.5 points.

“Money-wise, I thought I did the best I could for myself and my family, and I also had the Heat in mind,” he said. “Obviously it’s all about putting yourself in position to be able to compete. I love this organization. It crossed my mind to say, ‘If I’m going to handicap this organization by this contract, maybe the best situation is not to be there.’

“A one-year deal for $20 million, I could never look at that and roll my eyes. I am from Robbins, Illinois. Look at what I’ve been through in my life.”

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Had he opted for a two year deal with Heat, Wade could have earned $16.1 million in the second year of his contract. There was friction between the two sides, with Wade believed to be looking for a three-year contract that would have fetched him $45 to 50 million. There were also talks about him leaving the Heats over a contractual dispute.

But a long-term contract couldn’t be in consideration due to Wade’s age and recent injuries, which forced him to miss 48 games in the last two seasons.

However, with James leaving the team to return to Cleveland last year, Riley did not want to lose Wade as well.

Henry Thomas, Wade’s agent, said, “This contract is a win-win for both Dwyane and the HEAT. Not only does Dwyane get to extend his Hall of Fame-worthy career with the only franchise for whom he has ever played, but he will have the flexibility next summer to sign an additional deal. And the HEAT gets to keep their franchise cornerstone while having the ability to build a championship-contending roster.”

According to CBS Sports, Wade said, “You go through so many emotions.

“It’s no secret that my goal was to sign a longer-term deal this summer. That’s what I was focused on. Once I realized that probably wasn’t the best thing for me right now, where everything is financially with the NBA and a lot of things coming up that we don’t even know about yet, a one-year deal isn’t a bad thing.”


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