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Dwyane Wade Would Be NBA’s Most Fascinating Free Agent In 2015

Dwyane Wade Would Be NBA’s Most Fascinating Free Agent In 2015
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Dwyane Wade Would Be NBA’s Most Fascinating Free Agent In 2015

This summer, Dwyane Wade may opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat and hit the free agent market. Both sides are undergoing a contract dispute over compensation. And this could lead to a number of franchises like Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and NY Knicks pounce to get him drafted in the roster.

Wade had a stellar season and will bid for a new contract worth $20 million per season. The 33-year-old put up 21.5 points and 4.8 assists and hit 47 percent from the field last year.  The star player is looking to avoid using his $16.5 million player option for next season, according to Miami Herald. In that case, he might welcome a three-year deal with the Miami Heat. By the end of this month, Wade had to decide upon his future. The Miami Heat, on the other hand, will be on the hunt to press a “below market deal” for the next contract.

Both sides are looking at the thing from a business perspective. Wade is looking for a compensation package he feels he is worth of, after being the face of the franchise for the majority of his career. Wade also sacrificed a slice of his payment and helped Miami sign LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Miami, on the other hand, is looking to chase Kevin Durant in 2016 and avoid “limited financial flexibility,” according to CBS Sports report.

The discord between Dwyane Wade and Miami had bubbled to the point that any farther disagreement could lead to a divorce.

“Listen, it’s summertime. With summertime and free agency there’s gonna be a lot of talk. Right now I’m glad the Finals are going on. We’ll worry about that in July. This is our biggest showcase.” Wade said in a television show he appeared prior to game 2 of the NBA finals.

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