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Dwight Howard On Using Stickum: ‘I Do It Every Game’

Dwight Howard On Using Stickum: ‘I Do It Every Game’
Dwight Howard Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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Dwight Howard On Using Stickum: ‘I Do It Every Game’

Dwight Howard is under the league’s scanner. The NBA is reviewing Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard’s use of stickum in his hands during his team’s loss at Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. Earlier, the NFL witnessed a similar stickum controversy.

Atlanta’s forward Paul Millsap alerted the match officials after shooting two free throws with 3:36 remaining of the first quarter. Howard made a layup prior to that. In between Millsap’s free throws, Howard checked back to grab the ball from the officials, according to ESPN.

“I’ve never felt the ball like that ever,” Millsap reportedly said after the game. “It was sticky. It was like super glue or something was on there. I couldn’t get it off my hands. It was the weirdest thing ever.” The officials had to replace the ball.

The referee approached the scorer’s table after giving warning to both benches that the use of stickum is prohibited by the league. They were directed to a can covered by white tape. The can was taken off the table, and the scorer was asked to alert the official upon seeing it again, according to the NESN. That was a spray can from which Howard allegedly used the sticky substance.

No penalty was issued that night, and a league official pointed out that Saturday’s incident is under review. Howard laughed and ridiculed the stickiness of the situation.

“I’ve been using it for the last five years,” Howard admitted to the the Houston Chronicle. “It hasn’t been a problem. I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of it. I do it every game. It’s not a big deal. I ain’t even tripping.”

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