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Dwayne Johnson Net Worth 2016: How Did ‘The Rock’ Become The Highest Paid Actor This Year

Dwayne Johnson Net Worth 2016: How Did ‘The Rock’ Become The Highest Paid Actor This Year
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Dwayne Johnson Net Worth 2016: How Did ‘The Rock’ Become The Highest Paid Actor This Year

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now on top of Forbes’ highest-paid actor list for 2016 with a net worth of $64.5 million.

The WWE superstar is undoubtedly on top of the heap, as he was able to double his earnings from last year, and consequently dethrone Robert Downey Jr. as the industry’s top-ranked male thespian.

The professional wrestler turned actor was able to achieve this feat through his earnings from the upfront fees he collected for his movies which include “Central Intelligence,” “Fast and the Furious 8”  and the “Baywatch” remake.

But Dwayne Johnson’s skyrocketing net worth for 2016 has been largely attributed to his participation in the “Fast and the Furious,” which has made him and his co-actor Vin Diesel the main stars of the franchise, according to Forbes.

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He has outpaced second-ranked Jackie Chan ($61 million), who has made his pile from his movies in China, and Matt Damon, who has earned $55 million due to the success of “The Martian.”

In an earlier interview with Forbes, the affable actor said, “I can kick ass better than anyone on the planet,” Johnson told Forbes in 2012. “And I have a decent smile.”

According to USA Today, the Forbes highest paid actor highlights the pay gap between male and female actors in Hollywood.

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For instance, the $46 million earned by highest paid actress Jennifer Lawrence is only 72 percent of what Dwayne Johnson had pulled in and significantly boosting his net worth in 2016.

Lawrence’s paycheck puts her only at sixth place among male actors such as Johnny Depp, who earned $48 million and Ben Affleck who raked in $43 million this year. It’s also worth noting that eight male actors have amassed $20 million as compared to only four among their female colleagues.

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However, the most glaring discrepancy is the pay gap between Hollywood’s over-40 actors and actresses, with the males earning far more than their female counterparts. But considering the pace of Dwayne Johnson’s career, there is very big possibility that his net worth in 2016 will still continue to rise in the coming years.

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