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Dunkin’ Donuts Is Set To Release Two New Fun Donut Flavors

Dunkin’ Donuts Is Set To Release Two New Fun Donut Flavors
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Dunkin’ Donuts Is Set To Release Two New Fun Donut Flavors

If you haven’t had enough of Dunkin’ Donuts yet, here’s a good reason to stop by soon. The donut giant has just announced it will soon release two new donut flavors.

First up is the Sprinkles Donut that can make you feel like every day is your birthday. This is basically a yeast donut topped with white icing. Afterward, it gets an addition of pink and orange sprinkles in the shape of a “D” on top. This new donut flavor looks fun and every bit Instagram worthy. Not to mention, it’s the perfect donut to enjoy during a time when magical creatures like mermaids and unicorns are becoming popular among various foods and drinks.

On the other hand, if you are craving for something a little more unique and exciting, Dunkin’ Donuts is also coming out with the Vanilla Cake Batter Donut. It’s a vanilla donut that is filled with delicious cake batter cream. Then donut also gets some chocolate icing on top before it is finished off with some colorful rainbow sprinkles.

And in case you are still craving for more donuts, you can always turn to several classic Dunkin’ Donuts flavors. There’s Glazed, Powdered, Vanilla Cake Batter, Blueberry Cake, Boston Kreme, Glazed Chocolate Cake, Jelly, Glazed Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Frosted, Chocolate Frosted, Sugared, Old Fashioned, Cinnamon and Vanilla Frosted.

Dunkin’ Donuts to introduce a new coffee flavor too.

On the other hand, Dunkin’ Donuts is also adding a new flavor to its hit coffee line. For a limited time only, Dunkin’ Donuts will be serving a s’mores coffee flavor. According to a report from, its flavor profile is reportedly a combination of toasted marshmallow, chocolate and of course, graham cracker.

Dunkin’ Donuts will reportedly start offering its new s’mores coffee flavor on May 29, Monday. You can request for the flavor when you order Dunkin’ Donut’s hot coffee, iced coffee, macchiatos and lattes. At the same time, you can also enjoy the s’mores flavor as a Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee.

On the other hand, Dunkin’ Donuts is set to release their two newest donut flavors when it celebrates National Doughnut Day next week. In fact, on June 2, customers who come over and purchase any beverage will be entitled to a “free classic donut of their choice.” Just make sure to come as soon as possible because the promos will only run while supplies last. Mark your calendars!

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