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Drought Crisis: California Cuts Down Excessive Water Use

Drought Crisis: California Cuts Down Excessive Water Use
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Drought Crisis: California Cuts Down Excessive Water Use


Image from Flickr by Gareth Simpson

California is facing a water crisis. It is now fighting against the excessive drought which is creating havoc in the country due to low amount of snowfall in the country this year.

Governor Jerry Brown is taking drastic steps to cope with the adverse situation of water crisis in the country. He is taking necessary measures to deal with Californian drought. The water crisis has taken a toll on the life of the residents.

Governor Jerry Brown has ordered the California Water Resources Control Board to slash down the use of water by 25 percent.

“We’re in a historic drought and that demands unprecedented action,” said Brown.

Comparing to last year’s snow, which measured 5-feet deep, the situation this year is worse.

An order was passed to check the use of water. It restricted the excessive water use by charging more, stressing on the need to have new homes with water-efficient drip irrigation. The order also asked golf courses, cemeteries and other large spaces to use less water, according to USA Today.

The country is facing the worst water crisis situation due to low snowpack. Thirty percent of the state’s water supply has slashed down to 19 percent, the lowest ever.

It was announced that if Californians don’t reduce water usage by 25 percent, districts might begin charging extra.

“If it comes to, if the regulations mandate that, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll basically set a water budget for every house and the chips will fall where they may,” said Steven Ritchie of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, as quoted by ABC News.

“I could make the washer go into a grey water system, I have not done that,” said a San Francisco resident.

Governor Brown is meeting with wholesale clients to discuss about California’s drought situation and deal with the present water crisis.

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