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Drop Your Samsung S7 Edge And Galaxy S7 Phone In Water, Not On the Floor

Drop Your Samsung S7 Edge And Galaxy S7 Phone In Water, Not On the Floor
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Drop Your Samsung S7 Edge And Galaxy S7 Phone In Water, Not On the Floor

Smartphone manufacturers are working on making phones stronger. Waterproof and shatterproof are two features almost every company is working on these days. Such claims were made for Samsung S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 phones as well. Read on to know what will happen to your favorite phones if they are accidentally dropped on the floor or in the water.

A study was conducted by SquareTrade, a company based out of San Francisco that provides extended warranty service to appliances and consumer electronics. According to a news report published by Yahoo News, SquareTrade in its durability test report said, “Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge still functioned after being submerged in water for 30 minutes.

Audio was “permanently muffled and distorted” after the dunking, but the Samsung phones still outlasted Apple’s iPhones in SquareTrade’s water tests. The study further showed that when it comes to breaking, iPhone 6S phones are stronger than Samsung S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 as they “survived 30 seconds in a tumbling test chamber, similar to a dryer without heat.”

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According to SquareTrade’s durability test, when the phones were dropped on their faces, Samsung S7 Edge and S7 cracked. Compared to Samsung’s flagship phones, iPhones suffered only cosmetic damage. Samsung’s latest phones are hence okay to be dropped in water accidentally as they will only be submerged for a short while. But do not expect them to work underwater because they won’t.

When it comes to drops, like every other phone, your Samsung S7 Edge or Galaxy S7 will surely be damaged. Be careful and don’t let the device slip from your hand under any circumstance.

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