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Draymond Green Mugshot Surface, Golden State Warriors Star Looks Calm In Photos

Draymond Green Mugshot Surface, Golden State Warriors Star Looks Calm In Photos
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Draymond Green Mugshot Surface, Golden State Warriors Star Looks Calm In Photos

Draymond Green was arrested in Michigan over the weekend, but Golden State Warriors fans have nothing to worry about. Even he does not look a tad bit concerned about what happened.

The mercurial power forward was charged with assault over the weekend after smacking Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson in the face. He was escorted to the East Lansing jail after the altercation, but was later released on a $200 bond.

Green is still not off the hook. His assault charges will be arraigned on Wednesday, July 20. He could face up to 93 days behind bars and a fine of $500 if proven guilty. The former Michigan State standout isn’t fazed by his ordeal, and his mugshot from the arrest proves it.

Green can be seen smiling from ear to ear, as if to say he has the whole situation under control and that fans should not worry about it. He later admitted his shortcomings to ESPN.

“I think when things happen, I think you meet them head-on. My legal team is handling it. It will be resolved really quickly,” said Green. “As a public figure, I just can’t put myself in certain situations. It’s something that I’ll learn from and just move on.”

The incident happened at Conrad’s Grill in East Lansing around 2:40 a.m. on July 10. The root of the dispute happened a few days back. According to police reports via Sports Illustrated, Edmondson and Green had an altercation at a different establishment on July 8.

The Warriors big man reportedly bumped into Edmondson, who was with his girlfriend at that time. Edmondson told Green that he could have at least said “excuse me.” The Michigan State cornerback alleged that his statement infuriated Green, who then prompted two men to choke both Edmondson and his girlfriend.

The footballer told East Lansing police that he was celebrating his birthday at Conrad’s Grill, when Green and his crew burst into the scene. Edmondson confronted Green about what happened the previous evening. Green then smacked Edmondson in the face.

Lt. Scott Wrigglesworth of the East Lansing Police Department said he could not confirm whether Green’s hit was a slap or a punch. He did reveal that no one was injured during the whole fiasco.

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