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Drake’s ‘Views’ Tops Spotify, But Fans Prefer Justin Bieber’s Lyrics

Drake’s ‘Views’ Tops Spotify, But Fans Prefer Justin Bieber’s Lyrics
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Drake’s ‘Views’ Tops Spotify, But Fans Prefer Justin Bieber’s Lyrics

Drake’s hits in his new album “Views from the 6” may have topped Justin Bieber in the number of Spotify streams but fans still prefer the younger singer’s lyrics.

According to a survey conducted by Kworb, Drake’s songs from “Views from the 6” were streamed in Spotify by 3, 185,045,281 times. This is 10 million times more than the streams of Justin Bieber, which were calculated at f 3,175,636,461 times.

Ed Sheeren comes next with 2.15 billion plays. It remains to be seen though if Drake can hold on to the throne.

Next week, Drake is threatened to be dethroned with Ariana Grande’s new album “Dangerous Woman,” which is set to come out by the end of this week.

Drake’s “Views from the 6” has recently gone platinum in over one week after its release. It was exclusively streamed in Apple Music for two weeks prior to its availability on Spotify last May 13.

Despite Drake’s lead in Spotify, another survey revealed that music lovers think that Justin Bieber’s lyrics are way better than any of his contemporaries, and even the great poet Shakespeare.

Billboard said that a new study by Deezer bares that Justin Bieber’s lyrics are more relevant today than Shakespeare’s famous lines.

The study, which was released in commemoration for the 400th death anniversary of Shakespeare, said that 1,000 UK adults between 18-25 know the lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs more than Shakespeare’s works.

The survey also found out that only 38 percent of the respondents know the Shakespears couplet and about 33 percent only recognizes the Hamlet’s famous line, “to be or not to be.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Sam Lee of Deezer’s UK said that the “Baby” hit maker have made his popularity way better than Shakespeare.

“Like Shakespeare, Justin Bieber is undoubtedly one of the most well-known figures of his time and his popularity means people nowadays seem to know their ‘baby, baby, baby, ohs’ more than their ‘wherefore art thou Romeo’s.’”

Billboard also said that Justin Bieber is the most streamed artist in Deezer.

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