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Drake’s ‘Views from the 6’ Spotify, Tidal Release Date Is On Friday The 13th!

Drake’s ‘Views from the 6’ Spotify, Tidal Release Date Is On Friday The 13th!
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Drake’s ‘Views from the 6’ Spotify, Tidal Release Date Is On Friday The 13th!

Drake’s “Views from the 6” will reportedly be released on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and other streaming platforms this May 13. Apparently, someone is not afraid of braving “Friday the 13th!”

Early on, speculations suggested that the album would be made available on Spotify and others on May 6, as reported by Hip Hop Wired. That did not happen, much to the disappointment of the fans. What it did though, was to make it’s current exclusivity to iTunes and Apple Music even more successful.

Views has been streamed on Apple Music for at least 250 million times, 200 million of which were from the United States.

Ironically, the album has garnered mixed reviews, with some critics claiming the songs included to be too long, too boring, too monotone, and too depressing! Many agreed that Drake did not seem to have offered something new.

But that did not stop it from ranking very well on the Billboard Charts. It became latinum-selling Number One on its debut week using today’s standards, as reported by Billboard. Drake’s latest album sold 1.04 million total copies while it set record for most streams in that opening week as well. The albumsold 852,000 traditional copies in that span, which quickly surpassedthe record set last week by Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Drake also nabs his First Hot 100 No. 1 as Lead Artist with ‘One Dance,’ as reported by Billboard. 20 of his songs were included on that hot list too, 16 of which were from “Views from the 6.” Amazing.

It is expected that once ‘Views from the 6’ is available on Spotify, the album sales and streams are bound to higher. If critics could be harsh on it and yet it did so well, Drake’s success can hardly be hindered by Friday the 13th!

Releasing it on Spotify and other streaming sites makes sense, because this would make his appearance on “Saturday Night Live” on May 14 and “The Ellen Degeneres Show” on May 18 more exciting. This isn’t the Toronto native’s first visit to Ellen’s show, he also made an aperance there while promoting “Nothing Was The Same,” so it is safe to say that Ellen is the plug. Who knows, he can make the announcement on the Spotify release there.

On this week’s “SNL” promo, Drake sits on Lucky Leslie Jones’ lap. Lucky girl indeed.

Meanwhile, there is a clamor for drake and Future to come out with another album right away.

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