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Drake’s ‘Views From the 6’ Spotify, Tidal, Amazon: Release Date Reportedly Postponed


Drake’s ‘Views From the 6’ Spotify, Tidal, Amazon: Release Date Reportedly Postponed

Drake’s new album “Views from the 6” has already reached platinum in a span of one week, even though it was only made available through iTunes and Apple Music. Impressive, even with this exclusivity! What more if “VIEWS”  is released on Spotify, Tidal?

For those looking to see if there are other streaming options apart from Apple Music, Hot New Hip Hop reported that the it will not move to Tidal, Spotify and other streaming platforms until May 13, as opposed to earlier speculations of May 6.

Republic Records has already put it out there that “VIEWS” is already platinum, even though it can only streamed through Apple Music, Hot New Hip Hop reported. The label mainly responsible for this album’s distribution claimed that Drake’s newest album was streamed more than 250 million times, 200 million of which came from United States.

When it comes to album sales, Hip Hop Wired reported that it already old 1 million copies in the United States. Additional 200,000 copies are sold outside the country.

On May 6, VIEWS will see a physical release already so the number can double, or even triple at least. The digital version will also be extended to other online retailers on this date.

Even though it posted mind-boggling numbers, earlier reviewers of the album criticized Drake’s music as being boring, depressing, and droning. Nate Scott of USA Today, said, “There are absolutely zone-out moments, patches where you drift off and come to and realize it’s been two songs and you aren’t even sure what track you’re on,” in reference to the album.

Ryan Dombal of Pitchfork described “Views from the 6” feels quite claustrophobic for him because it is “too long and weirdly monotone.” Dombal however praised the album has “the occasional tweaks in sound,” which lead to some great moments.

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