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Drake Vs Joe Budden: ‘Making A Murderer’ Part 1 Lyrics, Stream Online, & Hints Budden Is Dissing Drake! — Listen

Drake Vs Joe Budden: ‘Making A Murderer’ Part 1 Lyrics, Stream Online, & Hints Budden Is Dissing Drake! — Listen
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Drake Vs Joe Budden: ‘Making A Murderer’ Part 1 Lyrics, Stream Online, & Hints Budden Is Dissing Drake! — Listen

Joe Budden is totally dissing Drake in his new track “Making a Murder (Part 1). Can’t believe it? The rapper confirms this himself! Plus, listen to the new track and read the very telling lyrics.

Budden and Drake are reportedly feuding for quite some time now, starting on May 4, when Budden made it known that he was not impressed by Drake’s “Views from the 6.” He said Drake sounded “real fuckin’ uninspired.”

The so called constructive criticism rubbed Drake the wrong way, and a week later, French Montana shared a clip of new Drake collaboration.

The whole clip lasted only for 10 seconds but it was enough to make Joe Budden feel threatened. Even though the video did not reveal much of Drake’s verse, there was the intro “Pump, pump, pump it up,” which is said to an allusion to Budden’s biggest hit.

Speaking with Pitchfork now, Budden explained that he really did feel threatened at the time. This is why he knew he had to move, and the outcome? “Making a Murderer (Part 1).”

He said he felt he needed to be on “high alert” because someone like Drake, who he described as a “genius” will certainly have something in his sleeves against him.

According to Budden, he is sure that Drake’s 4 PM in Calabasas was a direct response to his criticisms on “Views.”

Budden now claimed he intended “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” to show what competitive hip-hop is truly about. Apparently, Budden had enough of Drake clashing with other notable rappers  Common, Kendrick Lamar, and Meek Mill.

While “Making a Murderer (Part 1)”  is really a response to Drake, Budden clarified that he’s not looking for a fight. “If it were really a matter of importance,” he says, “him and I could jump on the phone.”

Instead, this fanning of the feud’s flames is Budden’s way of “reigniting the uninspired MC.”

“I come from a hip-hop where if you didn’t have something to say, then, nigga, what the fuck were you rapping for,” Budden says.

He also said he’s ready for Drake’s response, so long as it comes in a verse. Drake once rapped, “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers;” but now Budden wants to change that. “I’m tired of rappers addressing things in every other manner in passion but rap.

“Making a Murderer” targets Meek Mill and alludes to past conflict with Jay Z as well. Again, despite all that, Budden said none of these is personal.

“I’m not addressing Drake, or addressing Meek because I am malicious toward either of them or I wish either one of them harm or ill will,” he says. “I am celebrating hip-hop. I want the people who I deem–I want the people who are talented to be talented.

He then said “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” will clearly convey what he is onto. “I just want this to be a moment in hip-hop because it is” Budden says. “Me, as an MC, I’m my own worse critic. I’ve listened to that song [“Making a Murderer (Part 1)”] a million times and it’s chilling. It’s chilling when you just understand it. It’s a clear message, line in the sand, to all MCs. I’m not playing no more.” took the time to analyze the lyrics and claimed that Budden thinks he is such a great influence on Drake. However, despite Drake’s success, Budden cannot make himself be proud of his “child.”

Complete “Making A Murderer (Part 1)” Lyrics Below:

[Hook: Andrea Martin]
Dem a call me a murderer
I never duck, just spray
I’ma never miss mi aim
Dem a call me a murder
Nobody seen nothing, nobody seen nothing
What I see, ayy

[Interlude: Joe Budden]
Real quick, I don’t wanna talk too long. I think you misconstrued the boundaries of this relationship and this friendship. Which in return, has caused me to do the exact same thing. I don’t understand how you niggas, and how you in particular, how you can fuck shorty and I dap you and say you a real nigga, and I critique your album and all of a sudden we sensitive. I don’t understand how you new niggas work. Maybe I’m out of touch with the rules of today’s society. I’m clearing all that. Now let me paint who I am before I allow another nigga to do it for me

[Verse 4: Joe Budden]
I’m from the school of pussy don’t get me punch drunk
Maybe it’s different in the city you come from, look
I’m from the school of these hoes belong to everybody
No celeb exempt, goes for everybody
So when I seen you fucked shorty, not a bitter bone in me
I ain’t think of how to handle the plan
Said I’m aware, have fun, understand that it’s, fam
Told that to you and not her, that’s just the man that I am
My nigga, kids got no respect
Odd cause you called me for the hoe check on every hoe you checked
That makes sense, bad bitches, that’s what Joe do best
And I’s the man ’round these parts when they ain’t know you yet
Which kinda makes me your OG in Toronto
And I ain’t charge once, that’s for free in Toronto
I’m unsure how that came to be in Toronto
Nigga I don’t even be in Toronto
When it rains it pours
All that means, dog, get please get a poncho
Subs fell short like a free throw from Rondo
So rude, he gay, so mean with all the Budden threats
As soon as we shoot at King, Demarcus Cousins’ next
This shit is truly a movie
You started a trend bein’ a groupie for groupies
Shit, I had Bria in the coupe and out her way
Before you ever wrote an interlude about her
So who you playin’ with, clown
I’m first shift at the bars, so only means I already made them rounds
They say that he the best MC and best flow’er
He cook better than me but you love my leftovers
Fire the kill shot, the fire still hot
Word to your Versace velours that Kyra still got
You playin’ chess with the chrome of the pump
Let it blast, checkered past, shoulda known from the jump
It’s whatever you wanna roll, executives got your soul
Sedatives, I’m repetitive with those records, show for
Regular Joe, sellin’ records was never the goal
I never sold records, I kept records of what was sold
Might have made a mistake out of this one
Day’s long, can’t Trey Songz your way out of this one
So don’t worry yourself, and before I go
Fuck a record label, I appear courtesy of myself, Joe

Listen to “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” here:

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