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Drake’s ‘Views’ Spotify, Tidal, Amazon: Streaming Now!

Drake’s ‘Views’ Spotify, Tidal, Amazon: Streaming Now!
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Drake’s ‘Views’ Spotify, Tidal, Amazon: Streaming Now!

Drake’s “Views from the 6” is now streaming in Spotify, Tidal, and other streaming services!

It is not an Apple exclusive anymore.

As previously reported by us, there were already speculations that “Views from the 6″ will start streaming Friday the 13th. Good thing the team behind Drake’s music and Spotify followed through!

No one is pulling anyone’s leg here. You can even listen below.

Drake himself announced it on Thursday night, when he apppeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” as reported by Hot New Hip Hop. He announced this his waiting fans that “Views” will be streaming on all services, including Spotify and Tidal on May 13 — today.

The site however said there is no footage of Drake making that announcement just yet, fans can just head to Spotify to see that this is true! There is a footage of Drake and Jimmy playing “facketball” though. Drake was totally game shooting hoops on Fallon’s face.

Unless you’ve been in a cave for quite a while, it’s impossible not to have heard of Drake’s “Views” and how it has been conquering charts ever since it was released.

According to Billboard Charts, “Views from the 6″ became a platinum-selling Number One on its debut week using today’s standards. Drake’s latest album already sold 1.04 million total copies while it set record for most streams in that opening week as well. The album sold 852,000 traditional copies in the same short span of time , which quickly surpassed the record set last week by Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Drake also nabs his First Hot 100 No. 1 as Lead Artist with ‘One Dance.” Drake has 20 songs included on that hot list too, 16 of which were from “Views from the 6.” That’s saying a lot.

To have it finally out on Spotify and other streaming devices is great, great news!

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