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Drake Is Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist For 2016

Drake Is Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist For 2016
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Drake Is Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist For 2016

Drake has bagged the first position in Spotify’s annual list of most popular music artists for 2016.

The Canadian artist took home the glory with an astounding 4.7 billion streams this year. His most recent album, Views, received as many as 1 billion views of iTunes.

‘[Drake] doesn’t give us a chance to forget him’

Shannon Cook, Spotify spokeswoman and music expert, said that one of the reasons for his success is that “he doesn’t give us a chance to forget him.”

“He’s constantly releasing music. In fact, in the last couple of years, he has released three major albums or mixed albums,” Cook said.

“And when he’s not releasing his own songs, he’s popping up in other people’s songs with some key collaborations.”

Another factor that works in Drake’s favor is that he balances two genres at the same time. He is both an RnB and a Hip Hop artist – something that, according to Cook, “broadens his appeal substantially.”

Rihanna Spotify’s most popular female artist

Meanwhile, Rihanna is the winner in the female artist category with 2.5 billion streams. The singer is the most popular female artist last year as well.

“She’s a bit like Drake too, in that she’s everywhere,” Cook said. “She can go for four years without releasing an album and still come out as our most streamed artist on Spotify.”

Cook said that as many as 1,500 new genres have been identified by the music streaming service, some of which have “obscure titles.” Among the ones that have come up this year are Witch House and World Meditation. The latter is a combination of world music and “very relaxing yoga type music,” something Cook said she wonders “has something to do with how stressful this year has been.”

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