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Dragon’s Breath Dessert Recipe, Science Behind Frozen Treat, Plus Safety Precaution

Dragon’s Breath Dessert Recipe, Science Behind Frozen Treat, Plus Safety Precaution
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Dragon’s Breath Dessert Recipe, Science Behind Frozen Treat, Plus Safety Precaution

Ice cream that will make you breathe smoke out of your nostrils and mouth… Excited?

An eating joint in Los Angeles is serving a dessert that lets people exhale smoke from their mouth and nose. Appropriately called “Dragon’s Breath,” the smoke is caused by a component called liquid nitrogen.

The dessert contains cereal puffs. Through flash freezing, the liquid nitrogen poured over them gives it a frostier appearance and a creamier taste. The ice cream is served at LA’s Chocolate Chair.

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With its property of being odorless, colorless and tasteless, liquid nitrogen is an empirical element used in numerous applications related to temperature – and especially in freezing food items like ice creams.

The rapid freezing of the ice cream is what gives it a creamier taste, Steven Spangler Science notes. Liquid nitrogen used to prepare the ice cream allows the fat and water particles to remain small, providing a fog like texture and creamy consistency. Moreover, flash freezing also allows the food items to retain their nutrient-value. For example, a rapid frozen vegetable that is three months old will have a nutrient value closer to harvest levels than a four or five day old vegetable.

The items required to safely make liquid nitrogen ice cream are a dewar (a flask that is specially designed to hold liquid nitrogen), gloves, wooden spoon and liquid nitrogen. The entire recipe can be found here.

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As fun as it sounds to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, one should not forget that it is extremely dangerous. It boils at -321 degree Fahrenheit, and so is incredibly cold. Chocolate Chair has a warning sign in its outlet, which bears large bold letters that read, “Nitrogen Liquid can be dangerous. Please do not touch nor ingest nitrogen liquid.”

While the nitrogen poured over cereal puffs gets evaporated within no time (and therefore is safe to consume), the liquid that gets deposited at the bottom of the cup should not be drank or even touched, as previously noted by Morning News USA.

Touching liquid nitrogen can cause severe tissue freeze.

Nevertheless, the Dragon’s Breath has gained massive popularity among people. As reported by the Daily Mail, several people have shared pictures of themselves eating the dessert and exhaling smoke from their nostrils and mouth.

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