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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Future Trunks Saga: Black Goku Returns To Confront Bulma & Trunks

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Future Trunks Saga: Black Goku Returns To Confront Bulma & Trunks
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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Future Trunks Saga: Black Goku Returns To Confront Bulma & Trunks

Ahead of the airing of episode 47 of “Dragon Ball Super” Future Trunks saga, several previews have surfaced giving a glimpse of what the story would be like.

So far, it was revealed that the main protagonist, Trunks, will be confronting his main foe—the so-called “Black Goku.” The website Attack of the Fanboy noted that Black is way beyond Trunks’ league.

As we all know, in the previous series where Goku is capable of becoming a Super Saiyan, we weren’t really sure whether Black Goku is also capable of doing the same. Although an article fromReuters reveals that Black Goku is closely related to the old Gokus we saw in two previous arcs, which means all of Gokus’ abilities remain in the Black version, much more powerful even.

From the looks of the promo graphics from Gojiitaaf, it appears that the Black Goku is something capable of making Trunks’ life miserable. He looked exactly the same as the old Goku we are familiar with, except this time, the Black wears darker clothing and a potara earring, which adds to his devilish aura.

Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma, tries to defend himself from Black, who out of nowhere, pops out and threatens anyone who gets in his way. Worse, Trunks is no match against the new villain.

But according to Gojiitaaf, Trunks will try to seek the help of Goku in the past using the time machine her mother made for him. But Bulma only accumulated enough fuel for a one-way trip. Now, Black appears before Trunks’ parents, and a sure chaos ensues.

The debut of episode 47 will be aired in Japan on June 12 with the title “SOS From the Future: A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself.”

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