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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Future Trunks Returns This June!

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Future Trunks Returns This June!
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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Future Trunks Returns This June!

It’s confirmed. Future Trunks is returning to Dragon Ball Super, the newest TV series of the popular Dragon Ball saga, this June.

Future Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma, has caught the interest of many Dragon Ball fans thanks to his rather interesting personality. Just like most characters in the original Dragon Ball, Trunks came from a distant future where Earth has been destroyed by androids.

On the official website of Dragon Ball Super, Akira Toriyama gave a preview of what to expect from this new series called Future Trunks Arc, which will be aired in Japan on June 12. Toriyama also made the outline of most of the Arc’s story.

Probably the most common question that lingers to fans of Dragon Ball is: why is Trunks reintroduced? Well, it seemed many are also wondering why this is the case.

But Toriyama has assured Dragon Ball fans that the Super will be more interesting. Toriyama added that aside from the reintroduction of the main characters, viewers can expect exciting twists as the story progresses.

“In addition a variety of mystery, even apparently! There may also be confusing parts or changed here and there era, but I have to put up a little bit. It should be surely fun story!” Toriyama said in Japanese.

So how about the antagonist? An article from Forbes revealed that Trunk’s main villain in the Arc would be Goku Black. The report, however, noted that specific details about this angle remain tentative pending the official statement from the people behind Super.

Another interesting thing about Trunk’s incarnation in Super is his new appearance. As you can see, his hair is already blue, compared with this purple hair when not in Super Saiyan state. This, according to the article, means Trunks has already attained the Super Saiyan Blue level, just like his father as well as Goku.

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