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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 48 Spoilers & Predictions: Black Goku May Kill Future Trunks

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 48 Spoilers & Predictions: Black Goku May Kill Future Trunks
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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 48 Spoilers & Predictions: Black Goku May Kill Future Trunks

“Dragon Ball Super” is now taking on the Future Trunks Arc and in episode 47, it is revealed that the enemy Trunks has been running away from is actually an evil version of Goku. After killing Future Bulma and Mai, he turns his attention to the Saiyan hell bent on killing him.

According to Sportsrageous, ‘Dragon Ball Super‘ episode 47 titled ‘SOS From The Future! A New Black Enemy Appears!!’ introduces a new enemy and that threatens both the future and the present. Black Goku can sense someone’s Ki, something unknown to Future Trunks which caused him to unintentionally reveal his location.

This, in turn, caused the death of his mother, Bulma who has just finished collecting enough fuel for the time machine for a one-way trip, as reported by Tech Times. After their location was discovered, she sacrificed herself in order for her son to escape.

Meanwhile in the present time, Goku, ChiChi, and Goten are harvesting their crops. Goku also asked Piccolo to help to tell him that is was training and although the Namekian doesn’t like the chore, he doesn’t like the idea of losing to Goku even more, and classic trait carried over to ‘Dragon Ball Super’.

Suddenly Kuririn arrives and informs them that Vegeta is training with Beerus and Whiz. Goku immediately sensing his Ki uses Instant Transmission and arrives just as Vegeta was punching Whiz getting hit instead.

ChiChi, angry at Goku suddenly leaving forced Kuririn to take his place and help with the field work. Goku meanwhile is angry at Vegeta for leaving him to which he responds that he was just slow.

He gives Beerus a lettuce as a souvenir and joins in their training. During a break while eating Ramen they talked about how strong Omni King Zeno is and how he destroyed 6 out of the 18 universes.

Back in the future, Trunks arrives at Mai’s location not knowing that Black Goku is hot on his trail. He told him all that had happened and that they need to go back to the past to save the future and proceeded to go to the Capsule Corporation where the time machine is located.

When they are tracked down thanks to sensing the Saiyan’s Ki, Trunks gives the fuel to Mai to prep the time machine as he faces the newly arrived foe. He is easily overpowered and Mai tries to get Black Goku’s attention getting her killed in the process.

Black Goku then turns his attention back to Future Trunks and with him injured can he somehow manage to escape and return to the past in ‘Dragon Ball’ Super episode 48? How will the death of the two most important women in his life impact him?

Will the new enemy be the one to journey to the past instead of Future Trunks? And what is the point of Beerus and revealing that Omni King Zeno can easily destroy 6 universes on a whim? Is this a preview of his powers that we will see in the future possibly in a fight with Black Goku?

And what is the story of the new villain? Why does he hold such a deep hatred for Saiyans? Most of these will be answered come ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 48.

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