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‘Dragon Ball Super’ English Edition Air Date: Details Here

‘Dragon Ball Super’ English Edition Air Date: Details Here
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‘Dragon Ball Super’ English Edition Air Date: Details Here

Good news for fans of Dragon Ball Super, the latest incarnation of the popular series will be receiving an English version. The series premiered in Japan back in July 2015 and is currently available in Japanese.

Toonami announced that the anime will run in Southeast Asia and India by mid-2016. However, the anime is still to be seen in the region.

According to Anime News Network, Toonami Asia has revealed that there are still no details regarding anticipated language version. Back in July Toonami Asia also responded to the fans’ queries by saying “trying to get an update ASAP.”

Still No English Version For Dragon Ball Super

With only four months to go before 2016 ends, Toonami is running out of time to make good on their announcement. Even now many anime fans have been managing with subtitles and fan dubs of Dragon Ball Super.

There is certainly nothing bad with watching the anime in its original language, dubbed versions have their advantages. Perhaps the most obvious of these is the ease of watching due to the show using the viewers’ native language.

Another advantage is matching the characters to appropriate voice actors who fit their age and personality. One flaw with the latest incarnation of the Dragon Ball series is that Goku’s voice does not fit his character as a grown man.

Many fans are hopeful that the anime’s English language version will come out next month. Toonami has had for years brought popular anime from Japan straight to viewers overseas.

This makes the network partly responsible for the widespread popularity of anime throughout the world. Now that the fandom is bigger than ever the backing up on promise would not work well for their image.

Akira Toriyama created the original manga more than 30 years ago and the last anime series based on the franchise, Dragon Ball GT aired 20 years ago. It’s no wonder Dragon Ball Super has had fans excited ever since its premiere.

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