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Dr. Ted Noel: Facts About Doctor Who Said Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Ted Noel: Facts About Doctor Who Said Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease
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Dr. Ted Noel: Facts About Doctor Who Said Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease

Those who are closely monitoring events leading up to the US presidential elections must have heard by now rumors suggesting that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease.

This bit of news may be surprising for some, particularly for those who believe the former US Secretary of State is in the pink of health.

Allegations such as this are not uncommon, especially during the campaign season wherein candidates are expected to throw everything at their opponent – including the kitchen sink.

However, Dr. Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist based in Orlando, Florida, believes that Hillary Clinton is afflicted by Parkinson’s disease, according to Snopes.

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In a 16-minute video, titled “Hillary Clinton’s Illness Revealed,” the physician starts his argument with a disclaimer:

“I am a medical doctor with 36 years of experience, but I am not Hillary Clinton’s treating physician, so I can’t claim that what I’m about to tell you is a conclusive diagnosis.”

But who actually is Dr. Noel? What motivated him to make such a speculation? Is he supporting another presidential candidate and is merely trying to discredit the reputation of the former first lady?

Here are a few known facts about the doctor who claims that he has presidential nominee’s health condition all figured out.

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First, Dr. Ted Noel is a board-certified physician with 36 years of experience — as an anesthesiologist.

This is not to say that he is incapable of recognizing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but the thing is, if a patient had Parkinson’s, he’d most likely see a neurologist, not an anesthesiologist.

Second, Dr. Noel hasn’t personally diagnosed Hillary Clinton, and therefore, isn’t qualified to make an accurate assessment of her actual medical condition. Doing so would be purely unethical.

And third, the doctor is clearly a conspiracy theorist, as his allegations are anchored on the fact that the legislator from New York’s family, friends and colleagues may already know she is afflicted by the disease but are moving heaven and earth to make sure nobody knows about it.

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Info Wars, however, seems to be convinced that Dr. Tel Noel may have substantial proof that the presidential candidate isn’t as healthy as she would like people to believe.

“…a medical doctor with 36 years of experience named Ted Noel puts the pieces together and explains how he reached his conclusion that Hillary Clinton is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. I think that you will find that his reasoning is quite compelling…,” the website, which specializes in conspiracy theories, alleged.

Rumors that Hillary Clinton may have Parkinson’s disease will continue to gain ground as long as personalities like Dr. Ted Noel continue to spread such news that aim to condition the minds of the voting public.

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