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Doubts Emerge Regarding Aylan Kurdi Death, Father’s Story Is Made Up

Doubts Emerge Regarding Aylan Kurdi Death, Father’s Story Is Made Up
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Doubts Emerge Regarding Aylan Kurdi Death, Father’s Story Is Made Up

TheMuslimIssue alleges that Aylan Kurdi’s father, Abdullah Kurdi, is fabricating his recollection of his son’s death.

TheMuslimIssue, which describes itself as a non-partisan, not-for-profit international geopolicy think tank, alleged that Aylan Kurdi’s father, Abdullah Kurdi, is fabricating his recollection of his son’s death. The truth is, according to the think tank, Abdullah was never on the boat with his family and he attempted to send them first to Europe. In this way, his wife, a lone woman with children, could speedily apply for refugee status. The think tank further alleged that the story of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose photo sparked global outraged on how governments handle the migrant crisis, is a full blown propaganda, “a dream come true PR campaign” for the benefit of the ISIS.

In a long piece posted on TheMuslimIssue’s website, the think tank noted that Abdullah had only learned of his family’s death from the hospital after Aylan’s photos was already circulated in the news. Interesting to note was, according to the article, Abdullah was the only survivor, unscathed, not requiring even the most minor medical attention – this despite having to endure strong waves off the shore.

The piece also cast the spotlight on Abdullah’s background. He said his family fled a war zone in Syria and had moved to Turkey as a result. In Turkey, where they were already staying for three years before the incident, the family was safe, had more than $4,400 in cash but Abdullah still decided to move his family into Europe.

But the greatest irony of all, TheMuslimIssue stressed, was that Abdullah, following his family’s death, was able to fly back to Kobani, which he previously wanted to flee for being a war zone, to attend his family’s funeral.

The article also outlined Abdullah’s varying statements. Abdullah told The Guardian that his sons died in his arms. However, he told Daily Mail that he looked for his wife and children on the beach when he reached the island. He said he could not find them and thought they got scared and run away. Abdullah went on saying that when his wife and kids did not turn up at their meeting place, he went to the hospital and learned that they were already dead.

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TheMuslimIssue is not alone questioning Abdullah’s credibility. Writing for the Breibart, James Delingpole listed the awkward questions that were never answered about Aylan’s death. One of these is why during one TV interview, Tima was quoted as saying that Abdullah’s family was going to Europe to have his teeth finally fixed. Then as this information emerged, another detail surfaced that Abdullah was previously tortured in prison by pro-Assad regime by pulling some of his teeth out – this according to a Syrian blogger. However, as Delingpole noted, this information was never reported by the media and had never mentioned by Abdullah himself.

Another question that Delingpole posed is why the media is now reporting the death of Aylan while in the last five or ten years, there were hundreds of children who have turned up dead on the shores. “Why this boy, why now? What was it that prompted the world’s editors to make this particular photograph their big story? Who started it? And what – given that they must have been aware of the effects it would have, over and above selling more newspapers – was their motivation?” Delingpole wrote.

On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that Australian senator Cory Bernardi criticized Abdullah. “The facts remain that that terrible image was not brought about by recent events in Syria or Iraq. That boy and his family had lived in Turkey for three years. The money for that boy’s father to pay the people smugglers was sent from Canada,” Bernardi was quoted as saying.

“The father sent them on that boat so the father could get dental treatment. They were in no fear, they were in no persecution and they were in no danger in Turkey,” Bernardi added.

On Sept. 3, The Independent reported that Ukip candidate, Peter Bucklitsch, called Abdullah greedy for wanting the good life in Europe. “The little Syrian boy was well clothed and well fed. He died because his parents were greedy for the good life,” Bucklitsch said. He added that “Turkey is not a place where the family was in danger. Leaving that safe place put the family in peril.”

On September 7, Abdullah went back to Kobani and said he no longer had any hopes of a new life. Hence, he will stay in Kobani. “Nothing can compensate me. If you gave me the entire world, it isn’t worth a bit compared to the loss of my children. All I seek is that God gives me patience,” Abdullah said as quoted by The Independent.

Abdullah has also told his sister Tima that “it’s ok if it has to be my kids and my wife who wake up the world, its ok. If it’s been written to happen that way, it was supposed to happen.’”

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