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‘Dots’ Sequel Comes to iOS Devices

‘Dots’ Sequel Comes to iOS Devices


‘Dots’ Sequel Comes to iOS Devices

‘Dots’ Sequel Comes to iOS DevicesDots Inc. has announced the arrival of ‘TwoDots’ to iOS devices. The new game is obviously a sequel to the popular ‘Dots’ game, which is available on both iOS and Android. The company said the new game is now available to iOS users only. It would be rolled out on Android later this year.

In a press statement, Dots Inc. said ‘TwoDots’ takes ‘Dots’ players to a new level of excitement. It revealed that the new mobile game takes its players on an addictive adventure of two theme characters named Amelia and Jacques.

The two would have to navigate their own ways through complex worlds that become more complicated as the players go through the 85 levels. There are in-game clues that are hidden along with thoughtfully crafted sound and compelling visual aesthetics, making this new game more engaging compared to its prequel.

Big shoes to fill

For many observers, ‘TwoDots’ has to live with the expectations especially because the first game is a big one. To many analysts, it has to exceed the popularity and performance of its prequel so it could eventually be described as a gaming success.

The original ‘Dots’ game has already been downloaded for over 20 million times. It is estimated that over 5 billion games of ‘Dots’ were played during the first game’s first year alone. Currently, there are up to 500 million ‘Dots’ games that are played on a monthly basis, according to estimates.

Highly addictive new mobile game

According to Dots co-founder and creator Patrick Moberg, ‘TwoDots’ looks more of a derivative of the first ‘Dots.’ However, he asserted that as players go further into the new game, they would certainly realize that the new game tips its hats to the prequel. However, it can also quickly take its players down to some very unique and more fun paths.

The launch of  ‘TwoDots’ brings about pros and cons to mobile game addicts. The game can be the next time-killer. Combined with other popular mobile games like ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and ‘Dots,’ the new mobile game can contribute to addiction in very engaging and addictive mobile games that proliferate across the mobile platform today.

Let’s just hope such games may not drastically affect the overall productivity of its players.

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